AMSI Summer School 2019

The AMSI Summer School 2019 program enables students to take up to 2 intensive honours-level subjects during the four-week residential school; however, it is highly recommended that students only nominate one course for credit/assessment. AMSI and The University of New South Wales are pleased to offer the following eight subjects.

Course Lecturer/s
An introduction on non-commutative functional analysis: Quantised Calculus Professor Fedor Sukochev, The University of New South Wales
Dr Galina Levitina, The University of New South Wales
Analytic Number Theory Dr Michael Coons, The University of Newcastle
Dynamical System: Models of Chaotic Dynamics Dr Andy Hammerlindl, Monash University
Optimisation Associate Professor Regina Burachik, The University of South Australia
Mathematics of Planet Earth Dr Shane Keating, The University of New South Wales
Associate Professor Lisa Alexander, The University of New South Wales
Models in Mathematical Biology Associate Professor Peter Kim, The University of Sydney
Mathematical Methods for Machine Learning Dr Zdravko Botev, The University of New South Wales
Stochastic Modelling Dr Giang Nguyen, The University of Adelaide
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AVOCADO: August 25-26

Analysis of Variations, Optimal Control, and Applications to Design and Operations
in Newcastle, sponsored by CARMA
August 25-26
Registration deadline August 10th
All are welcome to attend.
Register at
AVOCADO will bring together a diverse group of mathematicians working on problems
involving convex and nonconvex optimization, optimal control, operations research, fixed
point problems, dynamical systems, transversality, and everything in between!
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